Algeria Winter 2016 Results

The Algeria Winter 2016 speed cubing competition took place on the 24th of August 2016 at the Centre Culturel d’Oued Koriche, Oued Koriche, Algeria. Yassine Bettahar won the competition with an average of 11.54 seconds. Tarek Bazizi finished second with an average of 16.53, and Aymen Aissaoui finished third with an average of 17.34.

A significant result in this competition was the breaking of the long-standing African records for Rubik’s cube, previously a single of 9.33 (set 13 October 2012) and average of 10.93 (set 13 April 2013).

African Continental Records:
Yassine Bettahar – 3×3 single (9.15) and average (10.58)

National Records:
Slimane Siroukane – Algerian 2×2 single (4.53)
Slimane Siroukane and Tarek Bazizi (tied) – Algerian 2×2 average (8.17)
Yassine Bettahar – Algerian 4×4 single (1:06.25) and average (1:13.96)
Tarek Bazizi – Algerian 3×3 One handed single (24.92) and average (33.14)

Full results available here.