Tunisia Winter Open 2015 Results

The Tunisia Winter Open 2015 took place in Nabeul, Tunisia. Chady Ben Hamida won the competition with an average of 21.18 seconds. Emna Boughizane finished second (22.79) and Moez Boussarsar finished third (25.26). Emna Boughizane’s 22.46 second Rubik’s Cube average in the first round and 17.50 single in the final also make her the fastest female cuber in Africa.

National Records:
Mouhamed Rami Ben Moussa – Tunisian 2×2 Single (4.85)
Moez Boussarsar – Tunisian 2×2 Average (7.05)
Moez Boussarsar – Tunisian Pyraminx Single (7.17)

Full results are available here.